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Tankfarm Member Zone Design

UI Design and prototyping for the member's area of the Tankfarm website.

The primary problem that needed to be solved when I approached this project was how to greatly simplify all of the info and functionality available to the users. The majority of the users were already known to be less tech-savvy than the average American and so would need a user-interface that would be very clear and to-the-point.

I prototyped both the mobile and desktop user-flows using Adobe XD, allowing the client to get a great feel for the designs before going into development.

hero image
Login Modal

Login modal and the incorrect details error view.

Login Modal Mobile

Login modal mobile version.

User Dashboard

The welcome dashboard, an overview of the primary info, and a navigation grid to the other areas of the member zone.

User Dashboard Mobile

Welcome dashboard mobile version.

Tank Level

Dynamic infographic showing the user's propane tank level.

Tank Level Mobile

I made a portrait version of the tank graphic to work on mobile/portrait screens.

My Rewards

The rewards program page, showing the user their various referral stats as well as a short "how-to" explaining how the referral program works.

My Rewards Mobile

Rewards page mobile version.

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