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Custom WordPress site design

I was tasked to conceptualize and design the full website for a local PR firm.

The website was to be built on WordPress and had a number of dynamic elements that needed to be factored into the design.

This was one of the first websites that the agency I was working for developed in-house and also one of the first that we designed to be fully responsive.

hero image
home page

Homepage - I tried to show a few of the hover/focus effects on this first page, such as the navigation dropdowns and hovering over a client logo.

services page

Services Page - The client's services were broken down into 3 categories which could be switched between using large tab buttons. There is a regular call-to-action after each section to contact the firm.

team page

Team Page - This was a slightly unique take on a team page which is navigated by using the numbered tabs to switch between the different team members.

contact page

Contact Page - A standard contact form with general contact and address details. The form design supported a few dropdown filerting questions to dynamically route the message to the correct department.

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